A designer with a

focus on crafting brand and experience

A designer with a

focus on crafting brand
and experience

With a ~decade of experience, I’ve worked with day one startups to fortune 100 companies. I’ve been trusted with defining their products, creating their brands, and refining their offerings for the world in which they exist.

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Aritzia, Slack, Walmart, Lululemon, Peloton, Salesforce, Andrew Wilkinson, UberEats, You, Telus, Naveen Jain, MetaLab, Epic Games, Sean Parker, Glassdoor, and more.


Not too long ago life looked a little different for me, I worked the bulk of my career as a designer at some agencies and companies doing really big things.

I spent time working on early stage companies from the first day, to their launch. I worked on fortune list companies defining their strategy and execution while impacting millions of people each and every day.

Today, I do all of this under my own independent studio. I’m a partner for companies (early → big), taking on individual projects or directly embedded within a team.

You get the flexibility and capabilities of an agency without all the fluff. I’m passionate about brand and experiences, I started my independent studio to be a bigger part of the way you show up in the world.


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